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Rapid prototyping and product strategy

We believe that when developing a digital product, the feedback loop between user and the production team should be as tight as possible. This can be achieved by quickly iterating on user feedback in an agile fashion, not only listening to their feedback but also anticipating requirements through user research and studying domain knowledge.

Putting the right process in place will allow a team to work more streamlined, become self-organising, and give people the opportunity to grow professionally as well as personally, which in turn benefits the company as a whole.

Team and capability building

Having a great process in place is one thing, but finding the right people to execute your ideas is another challenge. At Thompson & French, we have helped clients move from the pilot phase to their first production release, putting together a team of experts and ensuring a smooth handover along the way.

Technological expertise

A well thought-out strategy and the right people will get you where you want, but making the right choices in both tooling and technology will propel you forward even faster. We pride ourselves in technological excellence, and having worked in vastly different industries using various technologies, we believe we can help you make the right decisions - not only when choosing the right tools for the job, but also in implementing them in a meaningful and sustainable way.


Thompson & French was founded after identifying the lack of digital strategy in some of the biggest companies in Europe.

Andreas, Lander and Jan decided to partner up and combine their 30+ years of experience to outline clear processes and digital strategy in order to steer clients in the right direction and avoid common pitfalls when moving into the digital space.

Andreas Pähler

Eight years of experience designing and building software products, systems and tools for companies large and small – from large pharma companies and tier 1 investment banks to small edtech and e-commerce startups.

Andreas is passionate about creating high-performance teams and using technology to build great products that solve relevant real-life problems.

Core competencies: Full-stack development (JavaScript, Java, C#, Python), product engineering, talent acquisition, training and team building.

Lander Willems

+10 years of experience building and prototyping B2B and B2C products in a diverse range of industries such as Healthcare, Online gambling, Home Automation, Public Sector & Automotive.

A true digital product builder focused on helping entrepreneurs and corporations build their products using cutting-edge web technologies. Both an experienced programmer and a proven team leader, Lander is a great asset for any team looking to go the extra mile.

Core competencies: Full stack development, React, Node.js, Blockchain, Solidity, Operational

Jan Jorissen

A seasoned Full-stack developer turned Digital Consultant, Jan has worked with some of the biggest companies in Europe in Banking, Retail & Consumer Goods and Pharma.

Extensive experience in building both internal and client-facing applications, as well as +100 hours of delivering trainings and conducting seminars.

Core competencies: Digital transformations, Blockchain, WebGL, React


Thompson & French is hiring - Check out our open positions.

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